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What Is Gavel Buddy?

Gavel Buddy was designed by an auctioneer with a software development background to help his business save money and become more efficient. Paper tickets were inefficient, error prone, and created additional stress on his auction staff when reconciling his buyer and seller totals. After many successful years of using Gavel Buddy for his own auction company, he decided to make it available for other auction companies to benefit from.

Affordable, User Friendly, Productive Auction Solution

Gavel Buddy currently offers multiple auction solutions for auction companies of all sizes. Look no further than Gavel Buddy for an auction website, clerking software, online bidding platform, or auction management solution.

Designed be be easy to use, the clerking and cashiering process can be explained in 15 minutes.

Gavel Buddy Web

For only $59/month, you can access Gavel Buddy via the internet. Manage auctions, clerk, cashier, pay sellers, and more!
Easy Setup - We host the application and provide all updates. You never have to worry about installing our software, updating our software, or whether or not it is compatiable with your operating system. All you need is a browser and internet access to manage your auctions from anywhere!
Data Is Safe - If you have a computer crash, your data is safe! There are also multiple ways to backup data and print hard copies of your auction.

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Gavel Buddy Standalone

Gavel Buddy Standalone is a traditional application that is installed on your computer. It does not require the internet. You can network multiple machines together using a wired or wireless router to manage an auction.
FREE Setup and Implementation - We can log onto your machine remotely and do all the setup and configuration for the application. This includes networking your different machines you may use for clerking, cashiering, etc...
It's VERY Fast - All entries in Gavel Buddy are instantaneous. Your customers no longer have to wait to cashout.
Easy to Use - Our software is very user friendly. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can comfortably use Gavel Buddy.

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Gavel Buddy Live

Conduct online only, live webcast, accept pre-bids, and more all from your own auction website! We develop the site and you manage it all from within the Gavel Buddy software.

Maximum Exposure - Bidders from all over the Country will be able to bid on your merchandise. Live, online only, or pre-bids.
Maximum Exposure - Bidders from all over the Country will be able to bid on your merchandise. Live, online only, or pre-bids.
Online Presence - By having your own website, you will effectively be able to communicate news and updates to your bidders and sellers as well as offer multiple bidding options.

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Information and Updates

Latest News

Updating Daily Gavel With Your Auction Information

On your "Daily Gavel Page" you can customize your logo, hours of operation, contact information, and social media links.

Introducing, DailyGavel.com!

Gavel Buddy is excited to announce our new auction promotional website, "www.dailygavel.com"!

Gavel Buddy is excited to announce the release of v.13.9!

Along with a couple of minor bug fixes, we have added the ability to combine items from the clerking screen! Below is an example of how this new functionality works:

In this example, we will combine item #1 with item #5.

Whether you are adding an item or updating an item, you can simply use the "Combine" field to enter in the item you are wanting to combine with.

New Buyer Check In Functionality Explained

You no longer need to "Reset Permanent Buyers" following an auction...