New Buyer Check In Functionality Explained

We have released version 13.0. This new version includes some great new features! One of the new features is the return of the "Check In" process. Those auction companies using the "Reset Permanent Buyers" feature in Gavel Buddy, will now use the "Buyer Check In" process instead.

The "Buyer Check In process" allows auction companies the ability to check in buyers every auction prior to them being able to place a bid.

Below is an overview of how the new "Buyer Check In" process works, and some of the great features included in it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those auction companies that use permanent buyer numbers exclusively will not be affected by this change. You will continue entering in your permanent buyers the same way you always have. However, we encourage you to continue reading this entire post. There is information in this post that you still need to be familiar with in the new version.

New Features

  • The winning buyer numbers will not be reset after every auction. This allows you to go back to previous auctions and look up actual bidder numbers following an auction. (The previous process of "Resetting Buyer Numbers" following an auction would zero out those bidders numbers. This no longer is the case.)
  • You can still use permanent buyer numbers in conjunction with the buyer check in process. You just simply check them in and assign them their permanent buyer number.
  • This new check in process DOES NOT affect the current "Add/Edit Buyers" process. If you only use permanent numbers, you will continue to conduct your auctions the same way.

How It Works

  1. Creating The Auction: When creating your auction, you will need to make sure you set "Buyer Check In Requied" to "YES" if you are wanting to use the buyer check in feature.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using strictly permanent numbers, make sure this is set to "NO".

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using strictly permanent numbers, make sure this is set to "NO" in your AUCTION TEMPLATES.

  2. Where To Check In Buyers: Now that you have your auction created, you can begin checking in buyers. You can do this by going to "Live Auction>> Buyer Checkin".

  3. Checking In New Buyer: If a totally new buyer is attending your auction for the first time, you can check them into the system on the "Check In New Buyer" tab. The buyer number you assign them here, is the buyer number you are checking them in with for this specific auction.

    Checking In Existing Buyer: If a previous buyer is attending your auction, you can use the "Check In Existing Buyer" tab. This allows you to find that buyer, then assign them their number for that auction.

    Assigning The Buyer Number: The check in existing buyer screen will let you know if they have a permanent buyer number, and also tell you what the next available "check in number for that auction" is.

  4. Viewing Existing Checked In Buyers: There is a "Current Buyer Check Ins" tab that allows you to view the existing checked in buyers.

  5. Remove Checked In Buyers: You can remove a buyer check in from the auction by going to the "Current Buyer Check Ins" tab and clicking on the buyer you want to remove.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you remove a buyer check in, all the items that buyer purchased will have their buyer number removed from those items.

  6. Change Checked In Buyers #: You can change a buyer check in number for the auction by going to the "Current Buyer Check Ins" tab and clicking on the buyer you want to change.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change a buyers check in number, it will change all the items that buyer purchased for that auction to the newly assigned number.