Gavel Buddy is excited to announce the release of v.13.9!

Along with a couple of minor bug fixes, we have added the ability to combine items from the clerking screen! Below is an example of how this new functionality works:

In this example, we will combine item #1 with item #5.

Whether you are adding an item or updating an item, you can simply use the "Combine" field to enter in the item you are wanting to combine with.


Item #1 prior to being combined with item #6:

Item #6 prior to being combined with item #1:

To combine item #6 with item #1, enter in the item # "1" into the "Combine" field box for Item #6:

After you save the item, you will see that item #1 now indicates that it has been combined with item #6, and item #6 now displays both items in the title field: