Gavel Buddy is excited to announce our new auction promotional website, ""!

Daily Gavel is a website promoting auction companies and their online only, webcast, pre-bid, and onsite auctions.


Why Daily Gavel?

Daily Gavel is looking to help auction companies promote their business.  By having your auction company listed on Daily Gavel, you are giving potential bidders and sellers another way to discover your business. 


How does it work?

If you are already a Gavel Buddy customer, all your auctions created in Gavel Buddy will automatically populate the Daily Gavel web site, providing additional exposure for your auctions to anybody visiting the Daily Gavel website.

Some of the information that will be promoted on Daily Gavel:

  • Your hours of operation

  • Your phone number

  • Location of your business and auctions

  • Provide News/Announcements

  • Website Link

  • Social Media links (Facebook and Twitter)

  • Pictures of items being sold at your auction

  • If you are using Gavel Buddy Live, it will allow Daily Gavel Visitors to bid on your online auctions.

All of this information can be generated from within your Gavel Buddy Web and Gavel Buddy Live accounts.


How much does it cost?

Current Gavel Buddy Live customers, this will be included with your monthly fee.  No additional charge.  For those customers that are paying for the Web version, it will be an additional $8/month, if you are interested.  You will enjoy the benefit of being listed on Daily Gavel until the end of November.  Starting in December is when the $8/month for Web users will be charged, if you are interested. 


Below is a list of screenshots, giving you an idea of what it looks like.  You can also visit

Each auction company will have their own "page" where all their information will be populated including logo, hours of operation, upcoming auctions, announcements, etc..

Example 1.

Example 2 shows you how uploading photos to Daily Gavel can provide potential bidders with an idea of what you will be auctioning at your onsite auction.  These photos can be "clicked" on and enlarged to show more detail. 

Example 2.


Example 3 shows the "Contact Page" .  This page will provide potential bidders information about your business and multiple ways to get in contact with you.

Example 3